Hosts & Locations

Christine Rose - Guide & Co-host Sauna Aufguss

Lasse Eriksen – Guide & Co-host Scandinavia


Elizabet Kurumlu: Turkish Hammam

Guide & Co-host

Samuel Aarnio - Guide & Co-host Finland

Miki Tokairin: Guide & Co-host


Native American Sweatlodge

Guide & Co-host TBD

Anna Artemieva - Guide & Co-host


Mexico: Mayan Temesal

Guide & Co-host TBD

Modern North America Bathing Culture Guide & Co-host TBD


About Perfect Sweat


In this documentary series, sweat bathing guru Mikkel Aaland, author of the 70s classic, Sweat, teams up with local guides and hosts and retraces his steps in search of the Perfect  Sweat. What he finds after nearly 45 years is an explosive rebirth of the ancient bathing traditions, traditions which include community rituals that are meant to revive the human spirit and change the world.


The Sweat Bath


In Finland and much of the modern world, the sweat bath is known as the sauna. In the Middle East the sweat bath is known as the hammam, in Mexico the temescal, in Russia the banya and among native Americans, it is known as the sweat lodge.


Each bathing culture has their passionate devotees, unique history, rituals, and architecture. Throughout recorded human time, the sweat bath in its many forms has comforted, healed, and strengthened the social bonds between rich and poor, young and old, strong and the weak.


So sit back and relax, and travel with us on this amazing and unique adventure!

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