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Episode 1 - Finland


Language - English/Finnish | Cast - Mikkel Aaland, Samuel Aarnio | Producers - Cassandra Jabola, Gina Leibrecht, Julle Takanen |  Director: Mika Hotakainen

In Finland, it is estimated that there are 3.5 million saunas. They even exist in fast food restaurants. And no steam is left unexplored with guide Samuel Aarnio, who represents a younger generation that holds fast to the centuries-old sweat bathing tradition. Samuel and Mikkel start their sauna adventures in Helsinki and venture outward, island hopping by boat, visiting old friends for a traditional smoke sauna, and testing their limits in 60+ saunas at the Mobile Sauna Festival in Teuva. They even discover new ways of cooking meals by sauna, and indulge in the purity of a remote sauna village, deep in Finland’s countryside.


Finland Location Stills


Perfect Sweat
Production Stills: Finland

The first episode of the Perfect Sweat series was shot in the summer of 2017 in Finland. Episodes are based on the book Sweat, by Mikkel Aaland published in 1978. This is an illustrated record of the ten-day shoot in Finland by series host, Mikkel Aaland. A free ebook is also available from Blurb.. 

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