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Episode 3 - Russia

Cast - Mikkel Aaland, Anna Artemieva | Producers - Cassandra Jabola, Gina Leibrecht, Anna Artemieva | Directors - Sasha Kulak & Alina Rudnitskaya

An ancient Russian tradition that was widely established with public baths in city centers, the banya is experiencing a new wave of enthusiasm among young people. Banya blogger, Anna Artemieva, shows Mikkel how the next generation has embraced the banya as ritual, with friends and alone, to heal the mind and cleanse the soul. Since the days of the Soviet Union, when Mikkel was last in Russia, some banyas he visited may have closed, but the traditions are alive and well. Visiting luxurious urban spots like Banya Alekseeva to countryside retreats like B.O.R. Club, Mikkel finds his match in Anna as they encounter the best steam masters in town, from St. Petersburg to Moscow and beyond.

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