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Episode 6 - Norway

Language  English/Norwegian | Cast - Mikkel Aaland, Lasse Eriksen | Producers -Cassandra Jabola, Gina Leibrecht |  Director - Robin Hansen-Tangen

Thanks to his Norwegian roots, Mikkel’s love for sweat bathing started with the badstue. From his father’s home in Ulefoss, Mikkel begins a journey through Norway with guide Lasse Eriksen.

What was once a sleepier town when Mikkel visited over 40 years ago, Oslo is now home to numerous floating saunas and badstues that culturally and architecturally expand the meaning of sweat bathing. Next stop is Dalen, where a beautiful lakeside sauna based on a fairytale provides picturesque reflection. In Tromso, they board the Vulkana, a fishing boat-turned-spa, and finally, they end their quest at the remote resort of a legendary polar explorer, where nature is the ultimate companion.


Norway Location Stills

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