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Episode 4 -  Japan

Language  English/Japanese | Cast - Mikkel Aaland, Sho Ikushima, Miki Tokairin  | Producers - Cassandra Jabola, Gina Leibrecht, Sho Ikushima |  Directors - Kaoru Ima, Michiko Zentoh 

Over three thousand hot springs bubble to the surface on the Japanese archipelago, making
steam and sweat important elements in the cleansing, healing, and spiritual traditions of Japan.
The arrival of Buddhism in the sixth century gave birth to a variety of sweat baths, like the Kamaburo,
Mushi-buro, Fukashi-buro, and the Kara-furo. Today, the younger generation is building a
new sweat bathing culture that includes the Finnish-style sauna. Mikkel is given a tour of both the
ancient and the modern practices by his two guides, Miki Tokairin and Sho Ikushima. Together
they visit a 700-year-old Kara-furo that is still in use today, experience an immersive exhibit that
combines sweat bathing with taking in artwork, as well as join in on two tent sauna parties, where
participants sweat, jump into a nearby lake, and enjoy nature.


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