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Episode 5 - Turkey

Language English/Turkish  |  Cast - Mikkel Aaland, Elizabet Kurumlu Producers - Cassandra Jabola, Gina Leibrecht, Seçil Avunya, Tuba Güvelioğlu, Elizabet Kurumlu | Director - Tuba Güvelioğlu 

Ancient architecture and ancient bathing traditions are infused in the culture of modern-day Turkey. Starting in Istanbul, Mikkel visits stunning architectural wonders and learns about the rich history of textiles and other materials critical for enjoying the hamam bathing experience to the fullest. Guide Elizabet Kurumlu also gives Mikkel a crash course in the best of hamam cultural events: From pledge hamams, where people treat each other to a luxurious day of bathing in order to make wishes, to soldier hamams, where friends conduct a bubbly, relaxing send off for a soldier soon to be reporting for duty. Though hamams may have been more plentiful in the days of the Ottoman Empire, they remain a critical part of wellness and community for the Turkish people.


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